Cheating in High School

20 Okt 2021
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  • I cheated ONCE. It was for Spanish. And it was last year during the virtual school. I hated that class… I had so much trouble on it. God… I was afraid of my grades dropping.

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  • There isn’t a point to cheating in a game, because for the most part, the outcome of the game doesn’t matter. Cheating on schoolwork that has an impact on things like what colleges will and won’t accept you incentivizes getting the highest grade possible. And cheating is just the easiest way to get there

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  • Hol up are we gonna ignore the fact that he said the Harvard class of 2024

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  • I just realised, how have I never cheated on a test before?

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  • just wanted to share my rambling nonsense t: I used to do well in school, the lowest i ever got was 8 mistakes and good grades that's that but now that there's online classes. I feel like im falling behind cuz im not studying like how i used to anymore, School used to be fun but now modules/lessons and to many homeworks are assigned each and every day. It's not about "learning" anymore, It's all about grades and memorization heck i even had to cheat just to pass my homework and activities in times but in exams i just fail it cause i don't even care anymore. Because of that my parents are disappointed and said that im too "carefree and im too addicted to playing Genshin" well here's your answer.... school isn't about learning anymore, *it's about high grades and passing marks.*

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  • only 17% cheated in harvard because the other percentages didn't want to admit it. cause we know what harvard students are like

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  • 2024?

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  • Never cheated

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  • Am I the only one who doesn't understand how the Harvard class of 2024 exists

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  • They cheat, because they want to survive. They cheat, because they are pressured by the educational system. What's expelling going to do to them? Teachers should realize this and actually educate those cheating students and not just expel them. By the way the quote isn't mine, just saying that before you yell at me.

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  • No they’re more honest

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  • The modern school system prioritizes less learning, and more getting a good grade. I think the way that school should be designed is where teachers should teach. Tests outside of SATs and finals shouldn’t be put in a gradebook. And assignments should be in class- and completion grades. And even if they missed a class, there should be opportunity to make up for the rest of the semester instead of missing one day, and getting 3 months behind. Even If the grade is low, in either a test or assignment, it should be that it gives the teacher an idea of what specific students are struggling with. And either elaborate on those subjects more, or have one on ones. A class should be this - 75% being interesting lectures and guided learning, then maybe a single assignment to make sure the student understood. Maybe a test once a unit, that again, isn’t graded. If there is no risk of ruining your future at that moment, no reason to cheat. If individuals are helped with things they struggle with, more students desire to learn, and hopefully higher standardized test scores. I remember nothing from school, and that’s because my professors didn’t give a shit, and I cheated. If I was actually prepared early on for the exams, I probably would remember a lot more now.

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  • I dont cheat, thus i have the worst grades in my class, like i am good student my lowest grade is algebra II and i have 87.96 so i, not that bad, but then again that kid who sits in the back with his phone passing out answer sheets, his lowest class is like 100 probably, so thats it.

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  • I don’t cheat.

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  • People started being more honest about cheating,that's all.

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  • I try sometimes but I do pay attention when I can’t cheat but it’s so hard we get test and unit assessments thrown at us like we are a trash can and they were throwing paper into it my Language arts teacher (I’m in 8th grade) gave us the wrong test so we had to re do the test on the same day my mind just died

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  • 98? Like 100% be honest

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  • no, people have just gotten more honest

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  • student: im stressed why cant i just go home and take a break teacher: take a break? its only been 5 hours

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  • The difference may also be that people are being way more honest now when compared to the earlier students.

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  • not gonna lie, i cheated my way through high school after lockdown started because it was infinitely easier than trying to learn in an environment that doesn't work for me whatsoever. it was easier to get away with while being at home, the section 401 plan accommodations we fought for ended up being mostly useless due to online learning, the ones that could be taken advantage of online were almost completely ignored by my teachers, some teachers outright refused to comply with certain online rules/regulations, i was extremely mentally ill, and i just have always found school extremely difficult because of my adhd and apd. how is someone supposed to want to learn and not fear the results of failure like this?

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  • I used to have a middle school teacher who didn’t believe in grades, he never gave us our grades and instead only used a pass or fail system, for big assignments he would give us our grades but would never give our parents our grades. He ended up getting fired half way through the school year bc of this but I honestly believe that his way of teaching was very beneficial

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  • I follow the motto "If you're not cheating, you're not trying"

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  • Yeh it's true our topper gang just takes our marks to another level just by helping each other in exam and we crush others clases result 😆 🤣

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  • you know its 98 when they say on 17 percent addmitted

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  • "even high achieving students cheat way more due to intense pressure" parents:im going to pretend i didn't see that

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  • I already know my senior quote. “If google doesn’t know it, you don’t need to know it”

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  • Bruh I cheated my Highschool diploma lmaoo I still can't believe I graduated 😆💀

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  • This is literally the definition of high achieving students at my high school

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  • I feel like admitting has a big role in these statistics, but I don’t doubt that since COVID students have stopped caring about whether or not they cheat. They found it easier to chest during online school and after who knows how long of that it killed their conscience.

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  • Gee i wonder why?

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  • how do you cheat without getting caught? hit me up, kids

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  • Often times, you learn something and forget anything without precedence right after the test. Even me who liked all aspects of my calc class have trouble to anything other than simple derivatives and integrals.

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  • As a high school freshman I think that there isn't a single student who hasn't cheated during online exams. I have always been an honors student and most of my friends are definitely in the top 5% but all of the still cheat. Not because of pressure or anything is just much more convenient to google up questions then to waste time studying.

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  • technically All my classmates cheated ;-; (I didn't i promise)

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  • It is true and will happen because parents and schools and making a career is very tough nowadays and we n 1940 the portions were very easy even today’s 5th grade student can answer the questions of 8th grade exams of 1940 papers

  • Harvard class of 2024? Have i time traveled or something?

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  • And its all the schools fault for overwhelming us with so much work and exams. Its mentally and physically draining I feel like Zombie now days because of school. Istg once its winter break I am not gonna study a single shit idc

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  • Harvard class of 2024? Damn this was recorded in the future

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  • If that's true, we should burn the entire education system to the ground...because it's a breeding ground for rats

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  • It's impossible for me to cheat in ochem.

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  • PLOT TWIST- everyone in 1940s cheated just didn't admit but in 2020 we all were honest

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  • 2024

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  • The stress put on students is way too much. It’s not good for you

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  • The "admit" part is where the problem is. Back in the 1940s, cheating was considdered far worse than it is today, so people today are much more willing to admit it.

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    • No the problem is the school cheating is the result

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  • If your gpa is 98, then you're cheating to a degree not yet known by man

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  • It’s almost like the American education system has a huge number of problems.

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  • 'If you're not cheating, you're not trying, If you get caught cheating, you didn't try hard enough." Words to live by in public school.

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  • I cheat because my memory just doesn’t like tests. In normal life, I can remember things by the first time I see or hear it. But in school… like something is missing. Note: I cannot retain information if what they taught to me isn’t correct. In this case, it’s technically everything because then as time progresses, many of those theories have been proven to be wrong. it’s only been 4 years since I graduated high school, but I already see many differences between what was written in my textbooks vs the advancements today.

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    • oh i just suck at remembering things so i fail all my math tests

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  • Can we get a more in depth of this? this is so interesting

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  • Maybe we’re just more honest

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  • For me, It's just the way how the teachers are teaching us. If the class is boring then cheating occurs, but if the class is exciting and unexpected, there would be less cheating since that class was interesting, it was fun and stuff, you get to have fun while studying or learning in class. This days, class is just getting stricter and stricter, you don't get to enjoy what's being learned and thought to us and we don't have any more motivations for it.

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  • I cheated my way through 7 ap classes throughout high school . I would get information about the tests for all of the ap classes I had later in the day by trading the knowledge of the tests for ap classes that were earlier in the day for me. Also the teachers not changing the exams yearly and having upper classman friends who gave me their old exams helped too. On the ap tests I did fine, got 5s on all of them except for a 4 on ap chem.

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  • it's gotten so bad at my college that now 4 out of 5 of my classes allowed cheat sheets / open notes for tests. they just compensated by either making the tests application based or making them so long that staring at your cheat sheet the whole time will cause you to run out of time

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  • Wow you hate school

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  • Sometimes I truly don't understand, why is this crappy system not changing. If we really wanted to, change can come yet its almost like it's getting worse and worse and it's so infuriating because there is literally no reason for it to be this bad

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  • Because the school system is a fraud. You are retaining, regurgitating, and showing that you can memorize. That's it. The real world is a contradiction to the curriculums these businesses dictate.

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  • "students nowadays are cheating more than expected" Haha, come to my school and see the math teacher, she makes the tests easy but somehow without anyone to cheat 😂

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  • If you've never EVER cheated~your lying to yourself😃

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  • That's how it works

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  • well maybe if the education system was better, there would be less cheating.

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  • i cheated a few times, but whenever i did it didn't work out

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  • I wouldn’t cheat on a test at all

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  • I used to be a very good student But ever since this lockdown started and I was asked to attend online classes I was stressed a lot than I would be in school It was too much work to do and I just lost it and i will admit I did cheat in some tests and getting good marks when I cheated made me feel like shit I hated doing that but I'm not able to study well like I used to before I gotta get back on track So I had no choice

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  • i had a quiz today and i put my notes in the front pocket of my binder pretending that i just needed to grab something so i could look at them to refer to. technically it’s considered cheating but i would call it using resources to my advantage

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  • I actually cheated in this English language test once and it helped me understand how to answer the specific style of question that my teachers didn't really go through. When it came to the real test I went from a B to an A* without cheating. Yeh obviously cheating is bad but guess it helps sometimes lol.

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  • i mean that's the only way to survive highschool

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  • Fun fact: the 2% that didnt cheat were the people you copied from

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  • 2024?

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  • I swear it's the opposite of the stereotypes. The students performing badly aren't even cheating because they really don't care most of the time. It's actually the students who always perform on top even without cheating, but as soon as they encounter an obstacle or face a risk of their grade dropping from an A to a B they whip out the cheats. Our system is fucked up i stg.

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  • I have never cheated...

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  • What do you ran 2024

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  • This makes me feel better on cheating on a test… what WHAT

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  • kids cheat because the think grades are better that understanding what you learn

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  • How to see someone cheat in class that 75 between 98 will decrease Step 1 - Close The Lights If Anyone has a phone

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  • Cheating didn't get me anywhere. I did it once in math cause my mind could no longer take all the memorizing, and whats worse is I did it on exams. I thought my score would be pretty high but I guess karma yk. And I got such a low score, it was so close to the failing grade, so dont cheat guys.

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  • Are they cheating more or getting caught more

    HornedOwl_HornedOwl_Vor Monat
  • 2024?

    Paddle ChickPaddle ChickVor Monat
    • 4 years?

      socksockVor Monat
  • We have to consider that the statistics are about those who admitted to cheating

    The Devil’s AdvocateThe Devil’s AdvocateVor Monat
  • Well of course we cheat. It is easier to cheat than to learn mostly useless information that we forget after the test.

    SimplyEggzSimplyEggzVor Monat
  • That was a weird looking GPA...

    Glitch 3Glitch 3Vor Monat
  • Just started highschool and I have to admit: we do cheat a lot. It is hard not to cheat on tests where the teacher gives a dry and monotonous lecture about something nobody really cares about. Plus the way textbooks are written (at least in my country) don't make studying easier.

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  • If you're not cheating you're not trying

    Rocket Dude The BUFF Explosion💥Rocket Dude The BUFF Explosion💥Vor Monat
  • -75% cheating, 25% not cheating- 75% admitting, 25% lying

    Saadman BevoreSaadman BevoreVor Monat
  • Cheating is also a art..not everyone can do it!

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  • I kinda started questioning the education system once I got older bc the stuff they were teaching and their methods were questionable. I hate how everyone is like "If you study hard and get A's you'll have a successful life!!!". This is going to be long, and these are only my thought but to anyone whos reading this: Good grades are inferior to passions, dreams, and that will to never stop learning (not school stuff in general). Many people who have changed the world (like Einstein) didn't do well at all in school. I'm not saying that school subjects are bad, but don't blindly believe that school will lead you to a successful life, you lead yourself to a successful life. I'm tried of seeing people cry and get devastated over the fact they don't get A's. Shouldn't we question the thing that we put our futures in? Also, this is coming from a B-A student, so this isn't just because I don't get good grades. As Einstein once said: "Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think." Good luck everyone! Remember that this is only my opinion and you shouldn't change your entire way of thinking. Just give it a thought for yourself :)

    Crystalized TofuCrystalized TofuVor Monat
  • Math especially as you have to do it their way or its wrong. Your forced to learn their methods. If your method works better but its not done their way its considered the wrong method.

    WideBroadcastWideBroadcastVor Monat
  • It was so easy to cheat online now its so hard lol

    Youtube full time hater and trollYoutube full time hater and trollVor Monat
  • It’s also way harder in high school to pass now

    Bingo BerthaBingo BerthaVor Monat
  • As a straight A student in the “gifted” program (which is bullshit by the way), I listen attentively to my classes, do the in class work and labs, but will never go out of my way to reading the textbook again when I’m back at home. When high school started, If there’s homework that’s marked, I search the answers online or just copy from the back of the book. If there’s a test, I study for about an hour the night before, and if I still don’t feel ready, fill in my missing spots with cheating. It’s just not worth investing the extra time into studying something you genuinely don’t care for and don’t see the applications of in real life. The motivation simply isn’t there. Get the grades, get out and pursue a career that you somewhat like in Uni pretty much. :/

    Red RedRed RedVor Monat
    • @ZIFØ yeah, basically "dumb kids" can do it too, I have a "dumb" friend and he's in it but he's struggling HARD AF! Got a C as Korean, big yikes! But I'm still sliding by with a B+.

      Laba DabaLaba DabaVor 20 Tage
    • @Red Red oh ok

      ZIFØZIFØVor 28 Tage
    • @ZIFØ education program made for kids that are more “advanced”. There’s a whole test and shit to get in. It’s no different from a regular academic curriculum, except the smartest kids in the grade are put in the same classes, which usually makes said class advance a lot faster.

      Red RedRed RedVor 28 Tage
    • What's the gifted program?

      ZIFØZIFØVor 29 Tage
  • there's no such thing as cheating it's calling using resources and thinking smart because u don't wanna waste time am I right

    Shorts KingdomShorts KingdomVor Monat
  • Class of 2024??? 🤨

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  • Well in maths makes the most sense why it increases cause they give you none of the 60 fucking equations you need to know we're as a few years back they gave you most of them so it makes sense that ppl would want to cheat

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  • Yo im part of the 2% who hasn't cheated

    massoomassooVor Monat
  • I thought I was the only one that does that due to pressur

    Lucas isnt a botLucas isnt a botVor Monat
  • Reason: teachers teach only the useless stuff and parents get pissed when there's a b or lower

    RavenRavenVor Monat
  • I'm pretty sure we just started admitting it more

    Mini the game guyMini the game guyVor Monat
  • theyre not cheating more theyre are getting dumber and getting caught

    Yun HeadYun HeadVor Monat
  • What if just more people are admitting to cheating?????

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