The New MacBook Pro - M1 Max/Pro

18 Okt 2021
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My review of the new 14 and 16" M1 Pro and Max MacBooks are coming soon. Here's are my early thoughts

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  • i hope apple's charts are wrong

    Dave2DDave2DVor Monat
    • @AB. Digital why so? We've all seen the tests, it's pretty close to OLED without the burning... Yes it still has some blooming in extreme cases, but we also gotta keep in mind that this is just the second generation of MICROLED producta

      Andrii MynkaAndrii MynkaVor Monat
    • @Yassine B I mean if you look at the GFX Benchmark for the Aztec it far surpassed the 100W 3080 and absolutely crushed the 3060. So it did actually outperform it, again we need more detailed reviews and analysis of this. The TombRaider test is testing gaming performance which is dumb since Apple GPU are clocked much lower than RTX 3080 and obviously would lose in such a test but when it comes to more compute practical applications I think we will see a bigger lead on the M1 Max. Again I could be totally wrong this is just me spitballing here from my current understanding of the tech. Also GeekBench is not a good performance evaluator for GPU’s compared to other tests out there so I always take those tests with a mountain sized serving of salt. Dont get me wrong if it truly turns out that Apple did in fact deceive their buyers on performance claims then I will for sure turn agaisnt them but as of yet, I havent seen that. Also and this is something that occured to me recently, Shadow of the tomb raider IS NOT OPTIMIZED FOR M1 MEANING ITS RUNNING THROUGH ROSETTA AND YET SOMEHOW AN EMULATED GAME SCORED 83 FRAMES PER SECOND AT 1440P THINK ABOUT THAT.

      Orlando RodriguezOrlando RodriguezVor Monat
    • @Orlando Rodriguez That's my point, they showed that it outperformed already existing GPUs and now we know that it doesn't, which makes Apple a bunch of liars.

      Yassine BYassine BVor Monat
    • @Yassine B Thats a fair point and again Im more than willing to agree with you but I want more results first before we make that conclusion, I know that for gaming it wont compete with the 3080 and what not. But Im curious in other benchmarks and real world performance tests that what I care most about.

      Orlando RodriguezOrlando RodriguezVor Monat
    • They will be

      Pavan KumarPavan KumarVor Monat
  • The Notch is unnecessary. It works on the iPhone but not on MacBooks

    TheOne1One1One1OneTheOne1One1One1OneVor 14 Tage
  • apple literally just walked up to intel and AMD with a shotgun and woke them tf up

    Xavier leeXavier leeVor 20 Tage
  • Apple only put that notch in there just so after 2 years they can get rid of it and call it innovation 😂🤣🤣

    MTraDerMTraDerVor 28 Tage
  • There are many softwares not supported yet on ARM chip Mac, like Java apps, databases to run on etc!

    Rajesh JRajesh JVor 29 Tage
  • The design is terrible! It's as thick as a brick (10 years old design)! He has bangs. (Are you serious? Could you make the top frame a little bigger? I waited and wanted to buy, but it looks like a Chinese fake.

    S BS BVor Monat
  • Love it. Can you do Dell XPS 13 9310 please ?

    Mikayel GrigoryanMikayel GrigoryanVor Monat
  • Can’t wait to see the sequel

    MattMattVor Monat
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  • Synonym of Quality : DaveLee

    Bharath KinneraBharath KinneraVor Monat
  • Anyone can tell me what tools car has Dave in the background? Thanks

    Sergio LlaveroSergio LlaveroVor Monat
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  • M1 macs had great gpu performance imo. Remember you and MKBHD saying that there would be early adapter problems? You guys were wrong.

    vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytVor Monat
    • Where are the M1-native software? There's your early adopter problem.

      WobblyWobblyVor Monat
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  • 4:05 - You’re the first DElabelr I’ve watched talk about the new Macs and to raise the idea that the 16” models might have higher operating power which would indeed make sense 👍🏻

    Ashley LahmAshley LahmVor Monat
    • Would love to see some gaming benchmarks with the new M1 chips, looking forward to your future vids!

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytVor Monat
  • "M! Max and M1 pro are empirically better products if those charts aren't lies" This isn't entirely true. There is a case where M1 Pro/Max are worse than chips that compute less for more energy, and that case relies on software compatibility. We've seen in gaming benchmarks that the Pro/Max perform far worse than the 3080 simply because there are essentially no games designed to run on these chips. World of Warcraft is the only one I'm aware of that is.

    48956l48956lVor Monat
    • @vbddfy euuyt Exactly my point. They can have the most powerful hardware in the world, if it doesn't run what you want it to, they're not better.

      48956l48956lVor Monat
    • But can I use my MacBook for both work and gaming... I think not :/ Still waiting for that day

      vbddfy euuytvbddfy euuytVor Monat
  • Did you test the apple silicon premier pro, or still x86? I had a couple apps that had to force over to apple silicon or use the store for to get them on apple silicon vs running the x86 versions. I only ask because they had premier pro as part of their event I thought, so it would be weird for adobe not to have optimized it yet (unless its still coming)

    Caleb SteeleCaleb SteeleVor Monat
  • my use cases.

    bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiVor Monat
  • 0:36 *GB/s and Memory *Bandwidth

    Evan CraneEvan CraneVor Monat
  • There is any chance to check parallels with solidworks? Or at least if parallels works?

    Ran shtubRan shtubVor Monat
    • Notch is a bad design. PERIOD.

      bcvbb hyuibcvbb hyuiVor Monat
  • It’s 200gb/s for the M1 pro. Your bandwidth specs are wrong @Dave!

    Prateek KothariPrateek KothariVor Monat
  • Good point you made, about the charge.

    Gianpa KasaGianpa KasaVor Monat
  • Nice shirt dude.

    Greg SmithGreg SmithVor Monat
  • M1 macs had great gpu performance imo. Remember you and MKBHD saying that there would be early adapter problems? You guys were wrong.

    kjetilookjetilooVor Monat
  • The price is the biggest turn off.

    Mitch JamesMitch JamesVor Monat
  • about battery life, web browsing time is still less than the 13 inch M1 macbook pro, based on their spec sheets

    crwhhxcrwhhxVor Monat
  • apple is that guy who goes on to succeed when he dumps the ex.

    RandyRandyVor Monat
  • If this is true i will switch to mac.

    Alejandro RenteriaAlejandro RenteriaVor Monat
  • Isn’t the ram 200gb/s or 400gb/s?

    Royal GaoRoyal GaoVor Monat
  • The notch comes for free with the apple, iPhone, and MacBook, b eat that!

    chadizdroidchadizdroidVor Monat
  • But can I use my MacBook for both work and gaming... I think not :/ Still waiting for that day

    soppan96soppan96Vor Monat
  • Laptop it’s about battery run time Apple new laptops WIN over WIN😜

    James FiegelJames FiegelVor Monat
  • PC buying will drop by a Third in late 2021😏

    James FiegelJames FiegelVor Monat
  • It’s a shame the pricing has been set for these not to be for mass market.

    TechytechTechytechVor Monat
  • Notch is a bad design. PERIOD.

    Ashish VyasAshish VyasVor Monat
  • This is a great review. Now I'm amped-up for these new MacBooks

    Andrew MuchiraAndrew MuchiraVor Monat
  • bull** … thanks for that👌

    wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovVor Monat
  • Dave, in one of your upcoming videos on the 14 inch model, please address palm comfort. I had a 13 inch 2013 Macbook Pro for years and gave it up because the sharp edge below the trackpad always dug into my palms or wrists and made the unit uncomfortable. Is the new model more rounded? Is the deck longer so that this is no longer an issue? I don't live where I can go check one out.

    Tim SniffenTim SniffenVor Monat
  • Review of what? air? -_-

    Jacques VABREJacques VABREVor Monat
  • Dude, a toolbox and a fish tank? I'm dying. LOL.

    • Don't be poor

      rkrkVor Monat
    • 999K views right now

      wnnalis cioovwnnalis cioovVor Monat
  • Plz give us review quickly

  • hahah, the cursor!

    C RyanC RyanVor Monat
  • Apple may have the alternative to those graphics chip dependent gaming laptops and desktops and with all the people who couldn't get a graphics card for over a year now . And these laptops are NOT expensive, comparably what a graphics card goes for these days. AMD and Nvidia may have to buckle up, especially Nvidia and their price games, people will buy a $2000 laptop instead, and leave their ecosystem - along with Windows -- for good.

    Frank SzFrank SzVor Monat
    • You can get a Legion 5 Pro with 5800H and 3070 for less than $2000. Only M1 Max Macbooks can deliver a similar level of gaming performance on *some* games, and for significantly higher price.

      WobblyWobblyVor Monat
  • What's the best laptop to buy in around $600. Can you recommend any?

    Tsering WangdueTsering WangdueVor Monat
  • Hello. Video idea? I’m on the fence of whether to buy a fast Microsoft software running laptop or one of the latest fast Apple laptops. Can you compare some comparable fast MS software based computers from let’s say Dell/HP/Lenovo VS. Apple laptops? It would really help anyone trying to decide whether to stay with a MS based laptop or go with Apple’s. It would be great to see some benchmarks and your general review of these going head to head. Thanks.

    Samuel JohnsonSamuel JohnsonVor Monat
  • looks like apple are going all out this time instead of holding back a little like they always do. We might not see them top this product for a long time...

    RonaldoRonaldoVor Monat
  • The thing is, you're gonna use Razer for gaming. What're you gonna use Macbook Pro's gpu for? Nothing if you only game. So, completely pointless if you don't buy into apple's ecosystem. Put a 3090 in the Macbook Pro, hell, let Nvidia make a new gpu, 4090, 5090, 6090 or whatever. Still worthless to someone who plays games. There's no point to buy one if you can't game on the fucking thing. And then there's you talking about it's keyboard, sound system and what have you. Completely pointless review. This is of course, assuming those who use this for professional reasons don't exist. May as well, by the way, because those people will be happy with whatever laptop apple produces. They were already happy with the M1.

    Prof. Dr. Mike HawkProf. Dr. Mike HawkVor Monat
  • Apple's macbooks are gonna rape these stupid clunky buggy windows PC. What a surprise actually. This move is quite unlike Apple to basically build the dream laptop. I bought a $3000 (a lot of money to me) MSI GS65 with a 2060. It sucks. Still use my mac way more. It's constantly plugged in. If I use as it's intended as a portable laptop... I'd be lucky if I can get 1 hours battery life out of it, not to mention it has to throttle down by at least half speed so it's almost useless as a laptop.Then there's the sheer amount of heat generated... you can't use these on your lap without burning the shit out of it. And the trackpad is way too wide so you keep touching it unintentionally. And the keyboard layout is crap and so you keep hitting the wrong keys. And windows can't catch up even if they tried to because they can't have an OS that satisfies all hardware configurations without signification compromise. Apple can do it since they control everything.

    SeppuKunSeppuKunVor Monat
  • Performance Straight out of Charts.....

    Jignesh PanchalJignesh PanchalVor Monat
  • I think the performance bumps are a lot to do with MC OS vs Windows OS performance... Because apple does have a great Operating System which makes the most of these high-end configs.

    Naved Ali KhanNaved Ali KhanVor Monat
  • Stay with M1 if you are pro producer. M1 pro and max have same power than M1 in singlecore

    Matière GriseMatière GriseVor Monat
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    Simon WangSimon WangVor Monat
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    Alvinspy100 On !nstaAlvinspy100 On !nstaVor Monat
  • 999K views right now

    Soham HudnurkarSoham HudnurkarVor Monat
  • seeing its apple, i am like 80% sure they lied, at least partially

    HowardHowardVor Monat
  • Can't wait for the full review...if what you just mentioned are true and same as what's on their website....that's helluva INSANELY GAMECHANGER.....🤯🤯🤯🤯

    ogundeko adegbengaogundeko adegbengaVor Monat
  • One thing you did not mentioned was the "impressive price" of these units.

    William CohenWilliam CohenVor Monat
  • It doesnt matter how powerful it is when you cant game on it! Cant install steam or epic games lol 👀

    Samwell CiriloSamwell CiriloVor Monat
  • Really can't understand why they put a notch there. Stupid design.

    kevininsimikevininsimiVor Monat
    • I feel like M1 Max is a dream for graphics workflows. Hope you put those M1 GPUs through some scenarios that'll highlight the unified memory (compared to Windows laptop

      abbsnn coseabbsnn coseVor Monat
  • this is awesome but can you even game on a MacBook? Are most games even supported on that platform, without having to install windows on the mac?

    Chris GlissonChris GlissonVor Monat
  • Apple is out here making me want a MacBook for the first time in my life.

    Christos BinosChristos BinosVor Monat
  • Apple, the 'notch kings'.

    BCBCVor Monat
  • All that power is great, but that'll only be useful for video editing and rendering, you still won't be able to play games on a Mac device.

    Ziyan BalochZiyan BalochVor Monat
    • who buys macbooks for games just make your mind bitch if you want to game BUY a gaming laptop this is for PURELY professionals

      Pratham ReddyPratham ReddyVor Monat
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    Chui Throwaway8Chui Throwaway8Vor Monat
  • 2022: Apple discrete GPU only $1999

    Rihsyan Adam RiansyahRihsyan Adam RiansyahVor Monat
  • Okay, Apple got my attention here.

    NightFuryNightFuryVor Monat
  • What is that watch you're wearing? Is that the DW 5600?

    Prannoy NairPrannoy NairVor Monat
  • does it Ray Trace? Game over

    RS232RS232Vor Monat
  • I've never been more excited about computers. Wow!!!

    Dave SullivanDave SullivanVor Monat
  • Back in full with the table. This time with this horrible file cabinet behind you. Thank God you are an amazing DElabelr! 😂😂

    Rodolfo NóbregaRodolfo NóbregaVor Monat
  • If Apple laptops are what they're claiming to be right now, they're my next devices.

    Yasir IrshadYasir IrshadVor Monat
  • I feel like M1 Max is a dream for graphics workflows. Hope you put those M1 GPUs through some scenarios that'll highlight the unified memory (compared to Windows laptops).

    Akil KrishnanAkil KrishnanVor Monat
  • “And Tim Cook is saying ‘no cap’ really cracked me lmao

    Kaelan JudeKaelan JudeVor Monat
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    Alvinspy100 On !nstaAlvinspy100 On !nstaVor Monat
  • Well… this is something different than iJustine saying: hey why are you hating on the notch? It looks like the iPhone, ppl like the iPhone you must like that shit in the middle of the screen, I don’t care if you play video games (assuming you can play video games on the M1 max). I really appreciate the impartial review of tech devices you do, not the fanboy review, great job man.

    iCarlosKHiCarlosKHVor Monat
  • Would love to see some gaming benchmarks with the new M1 chips, looking forward to your future vids!

    dolita windodolita windoVor Monat
  • It will be interesting to see how the performance holds up in real world usage and if the performance is consistent or is only that fast in certain workloads and benchmarks. There's also the issue of being limited to MacOS and only applications that have been ported to M1 and the very high price of the actually fast models. That said, it's neat to see what kind of performance and efficiency gains a modern RISC architecture can potentially bring, this is the future of computing IMHO once we can get good enough performance and emulators to support the huge backlog of x86 code.

    EricEricVor Monat
  • Apple is gonna rule the world

    Jorgidan 92Jorgidan 92Vor Monat
    • Please i want to buy dell alienware x17 with i9 processor can you provide me with a link to buy 💔 i would really appreciate it

      dolita windodolita windoVor Monat
  • will you test 14 with 16 ac adapter ?

    Tomasz LTomasz LVor Monat
  • Apple will remotely delete your personal data if they deem it to be misinformation

    ickng456ickng456Vor Monat
  • Yes because Apple has NEVER made a false performance claim...... cmon...

    Travis TTravis TVor Monat
  • Apple fans : woww Apple : notch Fans : zbshhejsjsjajanajshbsgsgss

    ChanduChanduVor Monat
  • Interesting move by Apple, just when a chip shortage crisis arise, they release an incredible chip. Also the new MacBook includes so much new stuff unlike previous announcements where there were only incremental upgrades to their MacBooks. If the charts are true we can surely say they've killed PC.

    Martin KurshumovMartin KurshumovVor Monat
  • Apple is for rich class , so no thanks , fuck them .

    George AndreGeorge AndreVor Monat
    • my middle class family has bought apple so why? are you saying this especially cause this is a work laptop the people that say a product is for only rich people ARE THE MOTHERFUCKERS

      Pratham ReddyPratham ReddyVor Monat
  • I disagree regarding your comment of underclocking M1-max for the 14inch laptop - reason being is look at the M1 chip in the iPad compared with Air and Pro - the only performance difference between them is thermal limitations on prolonged synthetic benchmarks. I think it's purely for fast charging a much larger battery. Also, the M1-Pro 32 core GPU teraflop rating would suggest those charts are accurate, potentially conservative. There's also the 400GB bandwith and 16 CHANNELS on the 64GB GDDR5LP ram to factor in - would be interesting to see what happens there as a differentiator in performance.

    RusticRaverRusticRaverVor Monat
  • Having a hard time buying a Surface Laptop Studio when these things obliterate it in every metric other than touchscreen

    TheQuatumTheQuatumVor Monat
  • Windows SUCKS and pc gaming is overrated. Yeah because I really want to game at a desk after working at a desk for 8 hours.

    Elijah LozanoElijah LozanoVor Monat
  • Can gpu match the performance of rtx 3080. If not rtx 3080 than which gpu it can compete?

    Anshul KambojAnshul KambojVor Monat
  • my idea is maybe those numbers are not right you have to test it but I except amazing performance from apple

    Mohammad.MMohammad.MVor Monat
  • I think the charts are correct. I would expect similar real-life performance on these machines. They did the same with the first iteration of the M1 and everything checked out. What they're not open about is the *workload* employed for these benchmarks. This is obviously a marketing strategy. In that sense, I would expect these benchmarks to be close to real-life results but only on certain workloads.

    Marlon BrenesMarlon BrenesVor Monat
  • "it's just weird, it's.. unconventional". Yup, Apple does this. And it always works. Look at the iPhone design which is similar, look at AirPods which everyone are using...

    takatakifultakatakifulVor Monat
  • Please i want to buy dell alienware x17 with i9 processor can you provide me with a link to buy 💔 i would really appreciate it

    MekaaMekaaVor Monat
  • Thank you this is very informative. Watching here from Philippines 🇵🇭

    Teng's WorldTeng's WorldVor Monat
  • Apple lost its design originality. literally using a near 1:1 chassis design replica of the unibody macbooks from over a decade ago lol but seriously, that notch is hideous on iPhones but has its purpose, why the fuck even bring it up to macbooks if its literally only holding a tiny webcam in it with huge bezels in both corners? Apple, you couldn't increase the top bezel frame thickness by 3-4mm ? sheesh... such a waste of screen real-estate for us who use full screen apps on macos...

    HoLDoN4SecHoLDoN4SecVor Monat
  • The notch is just for 14 inch model not for 16 one

    Waleed TawfikWaleed TawfikVor Monat
  • You are surprisingly good at your job. Well done.

    Mojtaba MousaviMojtaba MousaviVor Monat
  • always a delight to watch your review.

    Faisal khanFaisal khanVor Monat
  • Why are you in a space shuttle

    Christopher BallChristopher BallVor Monat
  • can it game

    Captain gamingCaptain gamingVor Monat
  • That wire on that monitor is bothering me. Get rid of it immediately.

    Dash iKiDash iKiVor Monat
  • So u don't have the MacBook neither

    ерунда сэндвичерунда сэндвичVor Monat
  • When it comes to CAD, cfd and scientific simulation, it will never be supported on arm64 seriously at all. So all the huff and puff for me is meh. Maybe if all I do is video editing on first party macos software then sure.

    E.V.XE.V.XVor Monat
  • Confirmed: "16-inch MacBook Pro models configured with the M1 Max chip feature a new High Power Mode to maximize performance for intensive, sustained workloads, according to Apple. High Power Mode is not available on other models." Dave called it first, good job. Glad i didn't get the 14" m1 max, feel bad for the folks who got it, i guess they can always return it for the 16"

    OnlyTheBestOnlyTheBestVor Monat